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Ok yes Vacation

May 31st, 2015 at 10:00 pm

So we worked it out to go on vacation.It only cost us about 325.00 to get all the animals taken care of.Very relaxing week.A while week for one thousand dollars ,two blocks from the each.Full kitchen.Everyone enjoyed their-selves .Only glitch was they had double booked the place the day before we were suppose to leave.So hubby told them we would leave a day early for 100.00 back.Just before all this happened I was on the phone with a friend and were discussing peoples personalities. You know how there are givers and takers in the world and how during bad times a persons true colors come out. My Mom use to say "cream rises"well not to brag but I have always tried to be the cream.So the lady comes by and apologizes to me and ask how soon I can be out.So I was super nice and told them I would be out in time for them to clean and the new people could get in at the required time. They were so relieved I wasn't mad that they offered us to come back at 1/2 price. So not without reward.Although I was bummed to leave a day early.

Busy but not productive

May 31st, 2015 at 09:45 pm

So such a busy week. Church, choir, taking son on several errands.I have been so busy. So start school next week.Just Core, 7 weeks.I love the quarter system.
Still haven't sent in a Amazon shipment way behind.I haven't taken anything to consignment store.Never going to meet goals this way.I have managed to stay away from garage sells and thrift stores.But still not completely junk free week.I was driving thru the neighborhood next to mine and saw lots of good stuff by garbage.I couldn't help myself and did a u-turn. So I picked up
a bag full of purses(nothing great).2 portable DVD players, a fishing rod & fishing bag and a Keruig (digital)I left a computer & monitor and bag of folded clean clothes.I would have thought someone moved but the house was full and well lived. So more stuff to sell.

No Vacation plans

May 13th, 2015 at 10:35 pm

So if I don't go on vacation. My plan is to clean and purge.Which is hard because when I look at something I say,hmmm...I can sell that for $. Problem is there is to much of it.So I need to give a lot away.I would also love to paint a few pieces.What I really want to do is sleep,wake up-- read and eat and go back to sleep.I have to remind myself that I am probably depressed.I visited a lady with a beautiful garden today and I was jealous.I'm very seldom ever jealous.Its just I never get to have any say so in my own house.If I redo something it gets redone or moved or put in storage.It drives me crazy.However I am helping my son redo his house (total reno).He has a nice backyard and I am thinking of starting working there since no one will ruin it.it would be nice to be creative again.When I stopped being able to decorate etc.my house I lost interest in cleaning etc..Which may not be right but that's the way it is.

Vacation ,maybe not

May 13th, 2015 at 10:13 pm

So we have been planning a vacation for 6 months.Its really hard as kids are teenagers because they are so busy.But I don't even like vacations because hubs has to plan almost everything (at least the money part).So no matter how far a head he plans ,he really doesn't plan ,he talks.When time for the vacation we have no money to do anything with.So two weeks before vaca he tells me to find us a place with a budget of 1,000. for the week at a beach.I wanted to stay kinda close,incase something came up and the kids had to return.So its 3 hours away.But seriously--we all know this will probably be our last vacation with all the kids .wouldn't you want to stay somewhere nice.So I tell him I can't find anything. Remember its only two weeks till we go.So he comes back and says he found something at another beach for 1400. So I said I can find something for that amount you told me a lot less. I did end up finding something for 1,000.but I am a little worried about cleanliness.So now he realizes we are paying out the nose to have people take care of our animals,its probably going to cost 350.,because we have so many.So I offer to stay home and keep the animals.Because I really don't mind.He also needs a vacation.Hubs has a lot of craziness but that man will work rings around guys 1/2 his age.So I can tell hubs is kind of relieved that I will do this but then he kind of acts like --well if you don't want to come.Totally fake.So I am not offering again but will wait for him to bring it up.In the mean time he is bugging me to stay on insurance people so we can get the money for vacation. Ughh. I am not looking forward to going because the kids argue and fight about things they shouldn't because he allows them and takes different sides.He has often said I don't want to have kids that grow up and want talk to me. To which I say well I want to have kids that grow into people I want to talk to.He encourages competition,I hate that. That's exactly why he and his siblings don't even talk to each other and his Mom too.
Let's see he talks to his dad,his sis talks to his mom and nobody talks to the brother.None of the siblings talk.

Mother's day depressing

May 10th, 2015 at 10:24 pm

So my mothers day was disappointing.My baby boy woke me up with breakfast in bed,Which was really nice.He said happy mothers day.But he didn't make me a card.Daughters
did not wish me a happy mothers day till late afternoon.Then mt daughter text me and says they had some leftover flowers fro church I got for you,I said great.She comes home at 11:00 pm and I say wheres the flowers? She says oh I forgot them at friends house,really?Other daughter says before going to bed oh I plan on getting you something but I don't want to tell you what.Yep ,I'm still waiting on my Christmas present.What I really wanted was some house cleaning as a present.I hear someone on the phone ask my husband what he got me and I hear him say why would I buy her something? she's not my mom.Then Hubby goes to lowe's and buys 60.00 worth of plants after I mention someone locally has tons of four different flowers if we dig them up.Hubby says I don't want to go dig them up.Of course ultimately have my self to blame. They are just too self absorbed.They all volunteer and go mission trips. I think they just take me for granted---stupid teenagers.

side job

May 9th, 2015 at 07:13 pm

So I think my side job is coming to a end.The lady I sit with is not doing well and I think she is going to be put in a nice but locked faculty.When that happens there will be no need for my services.I am not upset I want whats best for her.But its inconvenient because even if I a not paid I will still visit. I am not just going to stop checking on her.I love old people.Wow I just realized I am a old people .lol Well I loved old people when I was a young people.(pardon the tenses)