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Busy but not productive

May 31st, 2015 at 09:45 pm

So such a busy week. Church, choir, taking son on several errands.I have been so busy. So start school next week.Just Core, 7 weeks.I love the quarter system.
Still haven't sent in a Amazon shipment way behind.I haven't taken anything to consignment store.Never going to meet goals this way.I have managed to stay away from garage sells and thrift stores.But still not completely junk free week.I was driving thru the neighborhood next to mine and saw lots of good stuff by garbage.I couldn't help myself and did a u-turn. So I picked up
a bag full of purses(nothing great).2 portable DVD players, a fishing rod & fishing bag and a Keruig (digital)I left a computer & monitor and bag of folded clean clothes.I would have thought someone moved but the house was full and well lived. So more stuff to sell.

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