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How not to Budget --more money wasted

May 3rd, 2015 at 08:42 pm

Ok so typical weekend.Wasting money.
Because we can't budget for a regular grocery day
Friday night comes and I have nothing to fix.
So hubby has me run through drive through 20.00
So Saturday two eat breakfast out because I had to
work 12.00, then lunch for 4 --35.00.So then we had plans from 3-9. so dinner out was 15.00 (cheap)
so then DD ask dd to get ice cream & coke because I haven't been to grocery store,so 10.00.
Then comes Sunday breakfast out for dd & ds 12.00
The lunch 15.00 ( I was at work)
So lets see money spent eating out for one weekend
So that's 119.00 ,I get 120-150 to spend on groceries each week .That includes paper products,detergent,cleaner,cat food,cat litter,shampoo etc.. So we spent as much eating out as I spend all week on groceries.In what universe does that make sense? This wasn't even a expensive weekend.It was however a very busy weekend and I needed to shop on Thursday.Which I told DH.So tired of the craziness.
So hubby says I need to get on the GAP insurance to get paid so we will have money for our vacation.Even though the GAP insurance is to pay medical bills.ugh
I have been in this craziness so long sometimes it seems normal.Like the fact that we need the plumbing redone (2000) and we are not even thinking about that but we have an RV we bought two years ago and have never used and a nice boat bought 6 months ago never used.But we have crap draining 1/2 the time in the front yard.Oh yeah that's normal.I'm so done.

3 Responses to “How not to Budget --more money wasted”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Wow, that is a lot of money eating out. What do you think is the first step toward not letting that happen? Are you aware of the money waste at the time you decide to eat out? Can you plan in advance not to be caught in that bind? Like just eating breakfast at home?

  2. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like the perfect time to think of some cheaper alternatives, say for every second meal you would eat out plan to have something quick on hand instead. After a while it will become such a habit when you know you have something there, you will feel like you can't be bothered driving to grab something else- eg lunch for 4- what about having hotdogs or something? Breakfast you could maybe have something plain on the Saturday and a nice breakfast on the Sunday? Once you start thinking of ideas you won't be able to stop maybe scour your frozen food aisle for ideas

  3. Reney Says:

    Oh I know what would prevent it.How about a budget, a plan. That is the number one ingredient in saving money --planning ahead.But hubby doesn't believe in budgets.After all these years we still don't have a regular grocery day.We also don't spend enough on groceries .If I could use coupons,do freezer meals etc,, we could save a bundle.

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